In for the Long Run



The story began when I dread typing the same phrase over and over again on my smartphone. Not only it is tedious, it’s also a time-consuming task. If you feel the same way, just know that I’m with you!

Since my eternal passion is striving to be more efficient every day, I set myself on a journey to automate this boring, repetitive task by building text expander app.

The Past Year

After building bit by bit, at dawns, nights, and weekends, Typing Hero was first released on November 4th, 2018. Typing Hero was released as free app, without ads, sans usage limitation and annoyances.

Since then, I’m focusing on delivering basic functionalities with high quality for everyone who value efficiency as I do. Not only that, I also help people to tackle issues they found in the app. And I love doing it! In fact, I replied within 24 hours to every review on Google Play, email, as well as text and voice messages on Telegram.

I am immensely grateful to have many loyal users who continue using the app. Some users are providing suggestions and useful feedback, and some are reporting issues. Some even help to translate the app into their first language!

Goal and Reality

Besides trying to become more efficient every day, I’m also passionate in solving problems in using smartphone. Typing Hero is continuously trying to solve one problem, but there are many other problems that I can solve with apps.

In a few years, I have a goal to make a living from building, delivering, and maintaining high quality apps that solve smartphone usage problems—full time!

However, doing all that full time means leaving the full-time job that gives a lot of extra benefits other than the stable and predictable income. It’s scary, risky, yet challenging! But, sure enough, it will also open up other opportunities. If I can do it full time, it also means that I can build it at times I’m most productive; no longer at dawns, nights, or weekends.

To move toward that goal, I will start monetizing Typing Hero. If you’re a long time user, do not worry! Everything that was free, will stay free. Even for new users!


After delivering basic functionalities in the past year, I’m now planning to deliver features focusing on convenience and even further efficiency. These kind of features are what will be monetized.

  • Dark theme
  • Workaround for incompatible apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, etc.
  • Date and time formatting and insertion
  • Cursor placement after text expansion
  • Paste from Clipboard
  • Multiple Text Snippet
  • Apps allow/block list, so Typing Hero only works with selected apps
  • Simple math operation
  • Currency conversion

There are a few monetization models, e.g., one time purchase, pay to unlock feature, pay to get new major version, and subscription. After deliberate thinking, I chose the subscription model. But why?

Do you know that Typing Hero is reducing the pain for people with wrist issues when typing? Now you know! I know Typing Hero is helping lots of other people solving their problems typing on smartphone. I want Typing Hero to be around for the next decade to continue helping people. To get there, a lot of development work is required because Typing Hero isn’t a finished product.

Subscription model allows me to have a recurring revenue stream so I can focus on building and shipping features out to users. It also affords me the luxury of not having to find new users to generate revenue.

Now, why subscription again? The answer is: I’m in for the long run!


If you’re considering to subscribe, I want us to be on the same page and perspective.

By subscribing, you are supporting me and the development of Typing Hero. That support will help me focus on building and shipping features out with high quality.

Also, do understand that your subscription is not only to get access to premium features. It is helping the maintenance of existing free features, as well as the development of new free features.

Now, if you find Typing Hero helps you getting through the day, every day, are you in for the long run?



Hello Premium! Hello Dark Theme!