Snippet Copier


Typing Hero doesn’t work with all apps. But to be specific, Typing Hero actually doesn’t work with custom text input component. A common example of custom text input component is a WYSIWYG component, which is widely use for email clients, office document apps, and note-taking apps.

In version 0.2.3, Typing Hero comes with a feature called Snippet Copier. It provides a faster way to get the text of any snippets into WYSIWYG component by simplifying access to your snippets and reducing the effort to copy a snippet’s text.

How does it work


Whatever app you are using, you can easily access your snippets by swiping up or down, at either left or right edge of your smartphone’s screen.

You can search for your snippet to help you easily find your snippet.


Once you’ve found the snippet, simply tap on the snippet to copy its text to Clipboard.


You can now paste it into the app which Typing Hero doesn’t work with, such as Gmail.

Now, you can be more efficient when using your favorite mail client, or your favorite note taking app. No more switching between apps, or typing the same text all over again.

If you haven’t, consider subscribing to support the development of Typing Hero along with dozens of other Premium users. Becoming a Premium user grants you access to all Premium features!



Update to Snippet Copier

Hello Premium! Hello Dark Theme!