Date & Time Transformer


Version 0.2.6 introduces a new Premium feature: Date & Time Transformer.

It is designed to help entering text related to current date and time by providing various building blocks that you can combine as you wish. What are those building blocks?

Building Blocks


  • Year, 2 digit, e.g. 20
  • Year, 4 digit, e.g. 2020
  • Month, 1 digit number, e.g. 1
  • Month, 2 digit number, e.g. 01
  • Month, Short text, e.g. Jan
  • Month, Full text, e.g. January
  • Day of month, 1 digit number, e.g. 25
  • Day of month, 2 digit number, e.g. 25
  • Day of week, short text, e.g. Sat
  • Day of week, full text, e.g. Saturday
  • Week of year, number, e.g. 4


  • 24-hour, 1 digit number, e.g. 15
  • 24-hour, 2 digit number, e.g. 15
  • 12-hour, 1 digit number, e.g. 3
  • 12-hour, 2 digit number, e.g. 03
  • Minute, 1 digit number, e.g. 35
  • Minute, 2 digit number, e.g. 35
  • Second, 1 digit number, e.g. 8
  • Second, 2 digit number, e.g. 08
  • AM/PM

Future Improvement

There are many things that can be improved for this feature.

The look of the placeholder text could be better instead of just showing %yyyy%. The typing experience when creating or editing a snippet could also be improved if there are such placeholder. But for now, its core, which is transforming date and time information, is solid.

Apart from UI/UX improvement, Date & Time Transformer will be able to provide date and time information relative to now. Imagine you can create a snippet to expand into the date for two days ago, or the time 25 minutes from now.

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