Import Snippet from CSV File


A few days ago, a user reach out to me, asking for a way to be able to create snippets on a computer, and then import it into Typing Hero. When I think about the request, I’m totally sold; this will definitely help people getting started smoothly without having to create each snippet manually on the phone.

Currently, Typing Hero exports to, and imports from, a backup file in JSON format. This format is not convenient to work with manually, either creating or editing. This means, I need to find another format that can work well across all platforms.

In the end, I decided to add support to import snippets in CSV file format. So yes, that’s what version 0.2.7 is all about.

Getting started

By supporting import in CSV format, one can now create and design their snippets in a more convenient way on a larger device, such as PC or laptop, using application such as LibreOffice Calc, Microsft Excel, or Apple’s Numbers.

To get started, download the template to your computer in one of the following format: LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, CSV. When opened, you’ll see something similar like the following.

There are three fields expected in the file.

  • Keyword

    The keyword for your snippet.

  • Text

    The text that will replace the typed keyword.

  • Replace after typing space

    Possible value is TRUE or FALSE. When set to TRUE, the Keyword will only be replaced with its matching Text when Keyword is typed, and followed with space.

Each line represent one snippet. You can add as many snippet as you wish, one per line.

Saving as CSV file

Once you’re done creating all of your snippets, save the file as CSV file. Please make sure that you set the following properly.

  • Field delimiter

    The expected delimiter is a comma (,).

  • String delimiter

    The expected delimiter is a double quote (").

  • Quote text

    If there is an option like in the image below, please check the option.


Once you have the CSV file ready, upload it to Google Drive or your phone, and then import it in Typing Hero’s Settings screen.

Voila! All of your snippets are now ready to be used on your phone!

If you haven’t, consider subscribing to support the development of Typing Hero along with dozens of other Premium users. Becoming a Premium user grants you access to all Premium features!



Simplification: Removing `Append space to text after typing keyword` option

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