Simplification: Removing `Append space to text after typing keyword` option


One can see version 0.2.9 as a maintenance release. It ships the following changes:

  • Removal of Append space to text after replacing keyword option when adding new Snippet

    If you have Snippets with that option checked, a space will be appended to the text for those Snippets when upgrading to version 0.2.9.

    Starting from now, you will need to add that space manually when creating a new Snippet. That if you’d like to have the text ended with space.

  • Fix Snippet option incorrectly reset

    When creating new Snippet, changes you made to Replace keyword with text after typing space and Append space to text after replacing keyword options will be persisted. Unfortunately, those options will be reset in certain circumstances.

  • Fix Keyword won’t expand if it contains %

    Version 0.2.8 introduces a bug where keyword containing % character won’t expand.

Upgrade to version 0.2.9 to get all those improvements.

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