Snippet Data Ownership


Version 0.2.10 is all about simplifying your data export and import. These are the changes:

  • When exporting Snippets, the backup file format is now changed from JSON to CSV
  • The option to Import snippets in CSV format is now removed
  • The option Import snippets now supports importing both old (JSON) and new (CSV) backup file format
  • Behavior change: When importing from backup file, existing Snippet will now be updated if the backup file contains Snippet with the same keyword

Why the Change

Snippets (the data) stored in Typing Hero is owned by you.

Typing Hero acknowledges and respects your ownership of the data, and provides a way to make the data accessible to you, even for use outside Typing Hero app. In the past, the data was exported in JSON format; a format that is well known among software developers, but not for the rest in general.

In an effort to make the data more accessible, i.e., easier to read and modify, Typing Hero now exports your data to a backup file in CSV format. The structure of the data is as follows.

Keyword Text Replace after Typing Space
thwww FALSE
thgp TRUE

The new backup file format can be opened using application that is freely available, e.g., LibreOffice Calc, or other applications such as Microsoft Office or Numbers (Apple).

You can use the data in the new backup file format for various purposes:

  1. Move your data to Typing Hero on another device
  2. Comfortably making changes to your Snippets on a large device, such as PC or laptop
  3. Move your data to other text expander apps (you need to ask the developer to support importing data from the backup file in CSV format)

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Cursor Placement

Simplification: Removing `Append space to text after typing keyword` option