Cursor Placement


Version 0.2.12 introduces a new Premium feature: Cursor Placement.

If you frequently sent a canned message that need to have different content within it, such as name, you will find this feature help you to write it faster, by eliminating the need to manually adjust the cursor position after replacing the keyword.

For example, when a user initiates a chat with a Customer Service team, a member of the team will usually send a standard greeting canned message, such as Hello {NAME}, how may I help you?.

With this feature, when adding the message to Typing Hero as a Snippet, you can use the Cursor placeholder where {NAME} should be. After text expansion happened, Typing Hero will move the cursor to where the Cursor placeholder is, so you can directly type the name.

The following is an example of how to use the feature.

Important: In this version, you can add as many Cursor placeholder as you wish to a Snippet, but Typing Hero will only move the cursor to the first Cursor placeholder it finds in the text.

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