Multiple Text Snippet


Version 0.2.19 introduces a new Premium feature: Multiple Text Snippet.

In the past, you probably have a Snippet for personal email address, and a different one for work. Moreover, you might have a different Snippets for your mobile phone number, office phone number, and many other things.

With Multiple Text Snippet feature, you can create a Snippet that contains both personal and work email address. Or, you can create a Snippet that contains your office building address, office phone number, and work email address. You get the idea how you can group multiple Snippets in the same context into one Snippet.

The following is an example of adding Multiple Text Snippet.

Once created, you can use it after turning on the Suggestion feature. Here is an example of Multiple Text Snippet usage in action.

With Multiple Text Snippet, you can now group dozens of Snippets in the same context as one Snippet. And by doing that, you only need to remember one keyword to expand any of them.

Related to Multiple Text Snippet in version 0.2.19, exporting and importing Snippets in CSV format supports Multiple Text Snippet.

Also, if you’re importing Texpand version 1.x backup file, it will translate Texpand’s Phrase List to Typing Hero’s Multiple Text Snippet. Other than that, Texpand’s Cursor and Clipboard placeholder will be converted to Typing Hero’s own Cursor and Paste from Clipboard system.

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Multiple Text Snippet - Random

Paste from Clipboard