Changes to Free Version



Released in November 2018, Typing Hero was (and is) available for free for everyone to use. It is free from ads, usage limitation, and any kind of annoyances.

To date, Typing Hero is used by over 27 thousands people, expanding text for over 13 millions times, each month.

People reached out to me, sharing how it helps them save time in getting their task or job done. They are doctors, nurses, salespeople, businesspeople, social media account administrators, gamers, students, online forum administrators, group chat moderators, people with physical limitation, and YOU!

In short, people from all walks of life!

If each of those over 27 thousands people saves 30 minutes each month by using Typing Hero, you can imagine how many hours were saved from the struggle of typing on a smartphone. No more typing the same thing over and over again. No more copy and paste. No more struggling to remember and find where to copy what. No more typos.

It’s Business

Building Typing Hero takes time and effort.

To date, I’ve spent over 1000 hours talking to users, thinking, designing, and building Typing Hero outside my 9 to 5 job.

As I see time as one’s most valuable asset, I believe it’s fair if I want to be financially rewarded for the time spent building and improving Typing Hero, catering to user’s needs. The financial reward is a justification to continue working on it, which will ensure its continuous development in the future.

In January 2020, Typing Hero introduced Subscription. To date, three-quarters of the Subscribers purchased monthly Subscription, and the rest purchased annual Subscription.

Sadly, the revenue from Subscription is not economically feasible for me to continue working on it, if things were to continue as it is today.

When released for the first time, I decided to provide the free version with a very generous offer as explained in the beginning, despite people around me recommending against it.

I thought, “People who find Typing Hero helps them save time will be willing to spare some money in return.”. Unfortunately, the reality is the exact opposite of my thought.

That said, things must change! I need to make these changes now, so working on Typing Hero for the longer term makes sense.

The Changes

Here are some changes that are going to affect people who are not Subscribers in the near future.

Dark Theme

Dark Theme will be available to everyone.


New users without Subscription can add a maximum of 10 Snippets.

Existing users who have over 10 Snippets without Subscription will not be able to add additional Snippets. In addition to that, text expansion will only work for the last 10 created Snippets.

I decided to go with 10 Snippets because I think a casual text expander user won’t need more than 10 Snippets.


The feature to import Snippets will be available only to Subscribers.

I believe your data is yours! The feature to export Snippets is available to everyone in an open format.

Snippet Copier

Snippet Copier will be available to everyone.

Increased Subscription Price

New Subscribers will pay a slightly more expensive price.

But, all current Subscribers will be grandfathered, so you will continue to enjoy the current lower price until it is cancelled.

If you want to enjoy the current lower price, now is the best time to purchase a Subscription.

One Time Payment

Subscription was chosen for a reason. In the past 2 years, quite a number of users were asking for One Time Payment instead of Subscription to get access to Premium features.

To all of you who requested One Time Payment, let’s meet halfway! I will make One Time Payment available at the price of 3 times the annual Subscription price. If you are willing to commit to supporting me 3 years in advance, I will be happy to have you as a Premium user for life!

Why the Price

Building software takes time.

It involves analyzing problems, adding features to solve those problems, fixing issues, constantly modernizing the app to keep up with the latest Android version, as well as constantly searching for possible improvement and actually improving it.

Building high quality software demands even more time and effort!

High quality software requires continuous improvements. As feedback is prerequisite for improvements, a huge portion of time is spent on actively listening and talking to people to get their feedback. This is possible by providing reliable and reasonably quick customer support to users.

The work doesn’t stop after a purchase! If anything, the work is likely to increase after a purchase, as I have to be available to more Subscribers!

Typing Hero is a high quality software, and it needs continuous care.

Otherwise, I’d be more than happy to sell it for $5. We can say goodbye and part ways post-sale; no new features, no bug fixes, no customer support.

Why Subscribe

If you choose to use, and enjoy using Typing Hero all these times, you would want Typing Hero to constantly be at its best in the future.

If the development stopped, you will not be able to use Typing Hero eventually. As a result, you would have to resort to other alternatives.

I truly believe that you don’t (want to) use those apps all these times for some reasons!


If you are a Subscriber, I want you to know that I am very grateful to you for the decision to subscribe and support the development. It helps push me forward to keep building and improving Typing Hero every day!

If you are not a Subscriber, please do consider what Typing Hero can offer you. If, for some reasons, you are not able to support me and the development of Typing Hero, you can still enjoy everything you use right now by not updating the app to the latest version.

I understand these drastic changes will upset some people.

However, software is never a finished product. Software is either continuously developed, or abandoned. Typing Hero is a continuously developed product. And I don’t want it to be the latter.

Hence, these changes.



One Time Payment

Snippet Reference