Statistics and More Features Available to Everyone


Version 0.3.4 introduces Statistics.

Typing Hero records the keystrokes that you have saved (text length - keyword length), and uses that to estimate the hours saved based on your typing speed. By default, your typing speed is set to 38 words per minute (WPM). You can check your typing speed using the link available on Statistics screen, and adjust the slider to reflect your typing speed.

Please note that all information is just an estimate, and stored locally on your device.

In addition to that, version 0.3.4 also makes Snippet Reference, Cursor Placement, Date & Time Transformer, and Paste from Clipboard available to everyone. This will allow people to try most features before unlocking Premium access.

If you haven’t, consider subscribing to support the development of Typing Hero along with hundreds of other Premium users. Becoming a Premium user grants you access to all Premium features!



Introduction to Macros

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