Snippet Copier, Macro to Remove Diacritic


Version 0.3.16 introduces changes to Snippet Copier, as well as new Macro addition to remove diacritics.

Snippet Copier

Previously, Snippet Copier looks like below.

It has text input field at the top, and list of existing Snippets below it. This overlay is big and taking up a lot of space.

Starting from version 0.3.16, Snippet Copier will only have text input field. Its purpose is to become the replacement text input when you’re using incompatible apps.

Typing on the text input field will also show Snippet Suggestion. If you type the full keyword of a Snippet, or selecting a Snippet from the suggestion list, the text will be automatically copied to Clipboard.

Here is the Snippet Copier in action.

Macro, Remove Diacritics

A new Macro to remove diacritics is added in version 0.3.16.

For example, if the text input field contains the word Führer, running the macro will replace it with Fuhrer.

Here is the Macro to remove diacritics in action.