Version 0.3.25 introduces new feature to help you organize thousands of your Snippets: Folder.

To add a Folder, tap on the button as shown in the image below.

Tap on the highlighted Add button once you’ve typed the desired Folder name. Then, the Folder will be shown in the list.

To move your existing Snippets into a Folder, select those Snippets, then tap on the highlighted Move selected Snippets menu, then tap on the Folder where the Snippets should be moved to.

To add new Snippet directly into the Folder, open the Folder, and then tap on the highlighted button.

Important notes:

  1. In earlier version, the menu at the bottom left is called Snippets (before Macros and Statistics). It is changed to Text Expander in this version.
  2. You can only create one level Folder, nested Folder is not supported
  3. You can only select Snippet or Folder at one time
  4. Deleting a Folder will also delete all Snippets it contains
  5. When you open the app, it will take you to the last opened Folder
  6. Folder information is also exported when you export your Snippets
  7. Folder will be created and Snippets will be associated with it when you import from CSV files containing Folder information
  8. You cannot rename a Folder. Instead, create a new Folder, move Snippets to it, then delete the old Folder.
  9. Folder is not included in the search result



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