Demo showing how Typing Hero helps sending weekly report email in seconds

Get your work done in seconds

👈 Send weekly report email by typing a Keyword.

What took minutes then, can be done in seconds!

Get maximum result with minimum effort

👈 Type a Keyword and get everything right on the first time!

Type a short Keyword to do many things
Type the same thing all over again
Switch between apps to find the right template to copy
Fix spelling mistakes

Reduce your health risks

🧘 Invest in your health now!

Your fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, well, basically you, deserve a break.

Reduce your typing activity to help prevent or minimize the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Shout-outs from happy customers worldwide

Find out why people love Typing Hero, the text expander app for Android of their choice!

Typing Hero helps me in nearly any daily situation.

I mostly need Typing Hero to get my address to people, give my mail to some persons or even make it easier to write emojis.

I also love using the Macros. They make it easy to copy texts, delete all text. Possibilities are endless.

I really used many of Expander Apps, but Typing Hero gets all thing in one App and it works flawlessly.

Also what need to be stated that the developer is super active, always helps with problems. Seems like he never sleeps. I truly never saw a developer who was into his app like this one.

To say it short: Typing Hero is a real Hero app and saves much time. You know it that you want it when you use it.

Got the Premium version after a short time, will get the Lifetime when the annual is over. Worth every cent! And worth the time you save!


Hat mir in der Tat schon eine Menge Zeit beim Arbeiten einsparen können. Großartiger und ambitionierter Entwickler, der regelmäßig Updates nachlegt und neue Funktionen einbaut. Dennoch bleibt die App übersichtlich und selbsterklärend. Bleibe definitiv dabei!

Benjamin Mamerow


So I was going to go with Texpand, but then I read the moronic reviews here, and that's why I chose this app. It works great, and is worth the price to help support a dev who clearly cares about their work.

Drives me nuts when people who spend from US$200-$1200+ on a phone whine and cry about spending a small amount of money on a terrific app.

You can go with others, but Typing Hero looks to be outstanding.

Mr. Win Stonechurch Hill

An ingenious app that also works with great functions that has its price. Justified in my opinion.

The time savings alone are worth the money, spend 100s of euros on games in app purchases, but with a great app that, unlike fast-paced games, you want to save your entire life. What I still want are categories, otherwise it is perfect.

Thank you for all the time you have invested in this app and which you will still invest in it.

Chris Wünsch

Amazing app.

Best part of this app is it allowed me to import from Texpand (which keeps crashing).

Thanks for making it. You are my app hero! :)

San Kumar



またコピーや貼り付けもコマンド1つでする事が出来ます。 私は以前は違うアプリを利用していましたがコピー機能が上手く機能しませんでした。

Android10以上の場合、多くのコピペツールは使えなくなりましたがこのアプリはAndroid12の私のデバイス(Oneplus 9pro)で正常に動作します。



I am so pleased.

Had an issue where it did not expand text when the snippet and the word before it was not separated with space, without removing the preceeding text (with the option "Replace keyword even if it's not separated from other words" activated), and the developer fixed it within a day.

Super support!

Now I can use a snippet for the Zero Width Joiner character, in order to build secret emoji! :D


The app is a lot better & more powerful than the word replace function or abbreviations on blackberry phones.

Developer is very responsive and helpful to integrate new changes.

Ciprian Dragoe

I use Typing Hero for my personal and work chats.

Typing on a mobile has never been fun for me and this is a great app to store stuff used often.

It has some good features that convinced me to go for it including the ability to export and import.

Sumeet Patney

Best app. It helps a lot in daily life typing. Thanks a lot.

I was using Texpand before. This one is definitely gr8 with updates.

Sabith Ali

I love this app and certainly a time-saver for me and my business. Great Job!

I'm willing to pay the small price for premium as deserved. 😊

Faith Angela Tomas


The prices shown below are for people in the United States of America. Prices are different for each country based on purchasing power parity. Price can change at any time. Money-back guarantee!



  • 10 Snippets
  • Export to CSV
  • Import from CSV
  • Multiple Templates Snippet
  • Actions (keyword to select or delete all text, and more)
  • Contact integration
  • Clipboard History
  • Top support by the developer
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$19,99 / year

  • Unlimited Snippets
  • Export to CSV
  • Import from CSV
  • Multiple Templates Snippet
  • Actions (keyword to select or delete all text, and more)
  • Contact integration
  • Clipboard History
  • Top support by the developer
  • 100% refund within 7 (seven) days



  • Unlimited Snippets
  • Export to CSV
  • Import from CSV
  • Multiple Templates Snippet
  • Actions (keyword to select or delete all text, and more)
  • Contact integration
  • Clipboard History
  • Top support by the developer
  • 100% refund within 7 (seven) days
  • Pay once by purchasing 3 years upfront

Everyone struggles with typing on smartphone.

In the past, I found myself typing the same thing all over again, fixing typing mistakes, or copying and pasting templates. I've lost count how many hours in my life were wasted!

That's why I build Typing Hero — to help myself, and now you, to make more hours available for other things that matter to us.

In the last 3 years, almost 200K businesses and professionals worldwide use Typing Hero 220M+ times to make more hours available for their family and health.

Look at the insane number of hours my customers have saved below.

Come and join us!

Djonny Stevens Abenz - Developer of Typing Hero

Hours saved by happy customers worldwide

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Frequently asked questions

Can it read everything I type on my device?


It is required to have such capability and used only to detect keywords as you type.

Is it sending what I write on my device anywhere?


What you write is none of my interest and business.

My only interest is to get business from and provide service to productive professionals and small businesses worldwide who are looking to save time and effort getting their work done.

What if it's not what I'm looking for after purchasing?

You can request 100% refund by forwarding the receipt using the Google Account you use to purchase to within 7 (seven) days from the purchase date.

No question asked. Money-back guarantee!

Is it safe to allow Typing Hero running in background all the time?


There were no reports of Typing Hero causing battery drain since its release.

I recommend you to give it a try and observe it yourself. You can always request 100% refund if you find any issue with its battery usage.

Come on board!

Join 73K+ businesses worldwide use Typing Hero 101M+ times to save 100K+ hours


Statistics for the year 2021 from Google's Firebase Analytics.