Get work done in seconds

Easily write weekly report or introduction email by typing a keyword.

Anything that took minutes, can be done in seconds!

Get maximum result with minimum effort

Forget typing the same thing all over again. Or switching apps to find the right template to copy. Or fixing spelling mistakes again and again.

Just type a keyword and get everything right on the first time!

Reduce health risks

Reducing typing activity will help prevent or reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Your fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, well, basically you, deserve a break.

Invest in your health now!

Getting started

phone features

1. Create list of templates

Whatever you write or copy repeatedly can be a template.

It could be introduction or sales pitch email, daily or weekly report, product or payment info, current date and time info, answers to frequently asked questions, or a bunch of tags for your social media posts.

2. Choose keyword

Assign a short keyword for each template.

For example, iet for the introduction email template, or wkrp for the weekly report template, or cdt for current date and time info.

3. Save time

Type wkrp instead of typing the same weekly report each week.

Typing 4 characters long keyword to write that 500+ characters report could save you over 2 minutes!

Happy customers worldwide


The price shown below is for people in the United States of America. Price is different for each country based on purchasing power parity. Price can change at any time. Money-back guarantee!



  • ✅ Add up to 10 Snippets
  • ❌ No access to premium features
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$14,99 / year

  • ✅ Add unlimited Snippets
  • ✅ Access to premium features
  • ✅ Top support by the developer
  • ✅ 100% refund within 7 (seven) days



  • ✅ Add unlimited Snippets
  • ✅ Access to premium features
  • ✅ Top support by the developer
  • ✅ 100% refund within 7 (seven) days
  • ✅ Pay once

Frequently asked questions

Can it read everything I type on my device?


It is required to have such capability and used only to detect keywords as you type.

Is it sending what I write on my device anywhere?


What you write is none of my interest and business.

My only interest is to get business from and provide service to productive professionals and small businesses worldwide who are looking to save time and effort getting their work done.

What if it's not what I'm looking for after purchasing?

You can request 100% refund by forwarding the receipt using the Google Account you use to purchase to within 7 (seven) days from the purchase date.

No question asked. Money-back guarantee!

Is it safe to allow Typing Hero running in background all the time?


There were no reports of Typing Hero causing battery drain since its release.

I recommend you to give it a try and observe it yourself. You can always request 100% refund if you find any issue with its battery usage.

Everyone struggles with typing on smartphone.

In the past, I found myself typing the same thing all over again, fixing typing mistakes, or copying and pasting templates. I've lost count how many hours in my life were wasted!

That's why I build Typing Hero — to help myself, and now you, to make more hours available for other things that matter to us.

In the last 3 years, almost 200K productive professionals and small businesses worldwide use Typing Hero 220M+ times to make more hours available for their family and health.

Come and join us.

Djonny Stevens Abenz - Maker of Typing Hero

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117M+ times used; thousands of hours saved. In the last 12 months alone.

Join 82K+ productive professionals and small businesses worldwide to get work done smarter, faster, and easier.


Statistics for the last 12 months from Google's Firebase Analytics.