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Everyone struggles with typing on smartphone.

In the past, I found myself typing the same thing all over again, fixing typing mistakes, or copying and pasting templates. I've lost count how many hours in my life were wasted!

That's why I build Typing Hero — to help myself, and now you, to make more hours available for other things that matter to us.

In the last 5 years, almost 200K businesses and professionals worldwide use Typing Hero 321M+ times to make more hours available for their family and health.

Look at the insane number of hours my customers have saved below.

Come and join us!

Djonny Stevens Abenz - Developer of Typing Hero

Hours saved by happy customers worldwide

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Online shop selling clothes

Online shop selling cosmetics

Private business

Advertising for phones and accessories

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7.4B+ keystrokes is equal to 652K+ hours (38 words per minute)

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All data from the early 2021. Data collected since end of May 2022.