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Frequently asked questions

Can Typing Hero read everything I type on my device?


It is required to have such capability and used only to detect keywords as you type.

Is it sending what I write on my device anywhere?


What you write is none of my interest and business.

My only interest is to get business from and provide service to productive professionals and small businesses worldwide who are looking to save time and effort getting their work done.

What if it's not what I'm looking for after purchasing?

You can request 100% refund by forwarding the receipt from Google Play to support@typinghero.app using the Google account you use to purchase within 7 (seven) days from the purchase date.

No question asked. Money-back guarantee!

Is it safe to allow Typing Hero running in background all the time?


There were no reports of Typing Hero causing battery drain since its release.

I recommend you to give it a try and observe it yourself. You can always request 100% refund if you find any issue with its battery usage.

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