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Organizing Snippets into Folder

As you use the Text Expander feature in Typing Hero, it is very common to have hundreds or even thousands of Snippets .

If you are overwhelmed of going through such a list when you have to, you can tame it by organizing the Snippets into Folder.

Consider you have 9 Snippets related to Markdown and 9 Snippets related to common phrases in your native language.

Instead of having a long list in one place, you can organize them into Folder for better organization and management.

Illustration of a long list of Snippets

Steps to organize Snippets into Folder

Demo showing how to create a Folder

Step 1: Create a Folder

Demo showing how to select and organize Snippets into a Folder

Step 2: Select the related Snippets and move them to a Folder


  1. Nested Folder is not supported at the moment. It will be supported in the future when there are enough demands.

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