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Setting up Typing Hero for the first time

Step 1: Tap Continue to acknowledge that Typing Hero uses Accessibility Service

Step 2: Tap the red battery icon to disable battery optimization for Typing Hero

Step 3: Tap Allow to let Typing Hero always run in background

Step 4: Tap the red human icon to enable Typing Hero's accessibility service

Step 5: Tap Typing Hero in the list (if you don't see it, it might be under Installed services or Downloaded services )

Step 6: Tap the switch to enable the accessibility service

Step 7: Tap Allow to enable the accessibility service

Step 8: Make sure the switch is turned on

Step 9: Make sure Typing Hero's accessibility service is labeled on

Step 10: Make sure the red battery icon and the red human icon are gone


  1. If you use non-stock Android, e.g., Xiaomi, Samsung, etc., you must make additional changes to let Typing Hero always run in background. To understand why and what needs to be done, visit the battery optimization page and follow the link for your specific device.

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