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What is Text Expander

Text Expander

Text Expander is an app that lets you create keywords to write anything — words, phrases, templates, emojis, and more.

When you type a keyword, it will replaced with whatever you set it to.

Use cases

These are some work related use cases from customers.

  • Coordinator at work use it to send work order to team members
  • Salesperson use it to send introduction email or sales pitch email
  • Healthcare worker use it to quickly write common diagnosis or complex medical terms
  • Community manager use it to easily respond to common questions from new members
  • Online shop owner use it to quickly respond to customers with information about product, payment, or shipment
  • Customer support team use it to send consistent message when providing solution or gathering more information from customers


Text Expander can help you to save time and get work done faster.

As typing activity is significantly reduced the more you use Text Expander, it will also reduce the risk of having repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Look at the screenshots below to see how many hours are saved by customers after using it from a few days to almost a year.

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Hours saved by happy customers worldwide

If you want to share the many hours you have saved, please send a screenshot to support@typinghero.app.

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