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Apps for the Busy Entrepreneur

Posted by Derek Goodman | July 22, 2022

Apps for the Busy Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it can become tricky to keep track of all of the moving pieces of your business on a daily basis.

Maintain an eye over your company's dealings by taking advantage of modern technology

To help you get started, Typing Hero shares several app features to consider.

1. Keep Track of Finances

There are numerous financial apps that allow business owners to integrate accounting software with the other sides of commerce.

Many apps include several benefits such as being user-friendly, complying with government regulations, and containing analytics.

This can assist you in remaining mindful of your cash in and out on a weekly and monthly basis so you can quickly see how well your entity is performing.

2. Communicate With Employees

Prompt, reliable internal communication can make or break a company's ability to function efficiently.

If you are on the road promoting your business, you want a dependable method of contacting your staff to stay on top of all aspects of the enterprise.

Modern technology has made it so much easier to stay in close touch with your team no matter where you are via mobile apps.

3. Oversee Sales Volume

Instantly knowing when you have made sales without requiring any additional work from company staff can make your process more efficient.

Further, they can assist your sales team in staying on top of potential sales so that you do not miss opportunities.

Sales apps will also enable you to free up your team from inputting sales into an extra system by streamlining the process.

4. Save Time by Typing Using Keywords

Using a text expander such as Typing Hero allows active business owners to spend less time typing out lengthy texts and emails to staff and clients.

This tool enables you to create keywords that will be replaced with anything you set to match that keyword. Examples include templates, emojis, phrases, and words.

Taking advantage of these mechanisms could save you hours of precious time that can be better spent growing your enterprise.

5. Allow for Easier Travel Planning

When multiple personnel are traveling for your company, it can become tricky to ensure that everyone is booking trips following the same protocols.

This process can be simplified using a business travel app.

There are multiple options available to make planning work trips less time-consuming for you and your entire team.

These apps typically give your employees the ability to make their own travel arrangements while enabling transparency for your accounting or finance staff to review those plans.

6. Effective Money Management

A suitable accounting solution makes it effortless to organize and retain receipts to help you take advantage of as many tax deductions as possible.

Helpful cloud-based accounting software will also provide you with insight into cash flow to allow you to run your business wisely.

Some of these tools even allow companies to create invoices from their phone and have multiple users.


Though it will take some time and research to find the apps that work well for you, the payoff could be well worth that initial investment of time.

You could make your life much simpler by having access to many aspects of your business from anywhere using apps.

Consider changing with the times and upgrading to programs that have mobile apps and conduct your work anytime, day or night.

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