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How to Type Faster on Android

Posted by Sen | October 30, 2021

How to Type Faster on Android

Typing on a smartphone has always been slow and painful to everyone.

Entering numbers or special characters takes a while. Landing your finger on the wrong spot requires you to fix the mistakes.

Typing with your two thumbs and looking down is a threat to your health.

Since you are here to find out how to type faster on Android, let's get started!

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Change Keyboard

There are dozens of keyboard apps for Android. However, there are only a few keyboard apps focused on improving your typing speed.

These top 3 keyboard apps for Android offer features to help you type faster.

To get an optimal result, you must use the features and methods offered by each keyboard.

Gboard (download)

Gboard lets you write by tapping or gliding on the keys. You can do that in multiple languages at the same time. It also offers predictions and voice typing.

Here are a few Gboard tips to improve your typing speed.

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  4. Got Gboard? 12 hidden shortcuts for faster Android typing

SwiftKey (download)

SwiftKey learns your writing style and predicts what you'll type so you can type faster. It lets you tap or swipe to write.

The keyboard is constantly learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing - including your slang, nicknames, and emoji.

Typewise (download)

Typewise claims its honeycomb layout is more superior to the QWERTY layout.

The keys on its honeycomb layout are 70% larger and much easier to hit. It helps you to make 4 times fewer typos.

Typewise is great for people looking for a big keys keyboard.

Use Glide or Swipe Typing

This feature lets you write without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

You move your finger from one letter to another to form a word.

You can lift your finger and repeat to type another word without pressing space.

Use Voice Typing

This feature lets you type using your voice. It works great if you are in a quiet environment.

You can speak in English to type without an internet connection. Otherwise, an internet connection is required.

Use Text Expander App

Another way to drastically boost your typing speed even after following all suggestions above is to use a text expander app.

Text Expander app lets you create keywords to write anything.

You can create the keyword "sup" to write "What's up?". Or the keyword "wkrp" to write the outline of the weekly report.

Typing the keyword will replace it with the text you have prepared.

You can create keywords to write email addresses, long numbers, emojis, reports, and more.

You can learn more about what text expander is.

Typing Hero (download)

Typing Hero is the text expander for Android that is full of features.

Typing Hero also lets you type a keyword to perform actions with its Macro feature. You can select or delete all text, remove diacritics from text, and more.

The app is still actively developed and kept up to date since its release 3 years ago.


Changing your keyboard and using its features properly will help you improve your typing speed.

However, the ultimate solution to type faster is reducing the need to type to write something. A text expander app can help you reduce the need to type.

Typing Hero, the text expander app, can help you to type faster on Android.